The United States uses fluorescent albumen to improve cellular observation metho
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Measure what foreword works to finish with groups of a lot of other species gene as the mankind, the biologist begins to will study the key transfers adjusting control gene how on open and the expression that shut functional gene, the has needing to rely on new technology and new tool creation of this kinds of research applies. The near future is in " natural • methodology " the relevant article that publishs on the magazine makes clear, american Florida city establishs Santiago of university of researcher of lab of university country tall magnetism and Canadian A Erbai tower, California university to assign the investigator of school people give two fluorescent albumen and the method that increase albumen stability to make through creation respectively researcher can the life of handier observation cell.

The investigator joint creation of the Davisson of • of biologist Michael Er of lab of American country tall magnetism and Wood of Er of Hei Ci of • of gram Li Siteng and university of A Erbai tower went two new, through signal of this kinds of element people can be clear about to whether life activity exists in resolution cell. Biosensor can be used at detecting at the same time two independent dynamic activities in a cell, this different to understanding albumen and enzymatic be how work jointly and finish daily function, help to the cell grows and split up having crucial effect. The application of this one biosensor, can help researcher have thorough research to the task of tumor and development biology domain.

Of new biosensor appear make fluorescent resonance energy transfers a technology (FRET) got improvement. Move of fluorescent resonance energy is to show energy suffers excitation fluorescence from a kind base the physical appearance that the group changes group of another kind of fluorescence radical with be not radiant means, closely related the distance between the energy move efficiency of FRET and group of two fluorescence radical, because this can be used at determining,the distance between the element is reached between atom. This one characteristic makes FRET technology is in between change of macromolecule compose elephant, macromolecule in the research such as access of signal of interaction, cell produce main effect, become biology medicine to study medium important method.
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