Bitplane, Imaris: Multidimensional image assayer
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Bitplane held water 1992, headquarters is set in Su Li world of Switzerland. Face client sale directly in Europe and United States, begin from 2008, bitplane/Shanghai held water in China, built face Chinese user and the sale that carry a partner and service channel directly. Bitplane holds to ceaseless innovation and perfect and multidimensional into the belief that resemble, make Bitplane formed distinctive product line, what resemble an user for high-end micrograph is multidimensional image shows, processing and data analysis system - Imaris.

The Imaris series module of Bitplane is the micrograph in life science domain in resembling an analysis, multidimensional the dominant software that image is handled and analyses. It is comprised by many module, basically include

Software of L Imaris base

L ImarisMeasurementPro measures software

L ImarisTrack tracks software

L ImarisColoc locates in all analytic software

L FilamentTracer protonema tracks software

L ImarisXT: Is silent of spoon dizzy smelt metal phlegmy  of graceful press and smooth? Lv

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