Use fluorescence to track the new technology of cellular cycle
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(cover photograph: The nucleolus that is in different cell cycle gives out red or green fluorescence)

To the research of domain of a lot of biology, the element in analysing process of cellular cycle change and cytology change are very important, especially the change of G1-S period, however this kind of change special observe hard. InOn Feburary 8, 2008Publish " cell " (Cell) a group of scientists that Japan comes from in the article express, they got two kinds of new-style and fluorescent albumen, among them one kind can make G1 period nucleolus presents red, and another kind makes S/G2/M period nucleolus presents a green.

Protein " Cdtl " the G1 that the cell that consist in completes division prepares duplicate DNA period, protein " Geminin " consist in G1 period the cellular cycle besides is other level. Researcher parts to two kinds of protein the fluorescent gene of embedded red and green fluorescence material, the nucleolus that is in G1 period mark is red, the nucleolus mark that is in other period is green.

In research, the scientist joins gules and fluorescent albumen and green fluorescence egg white thing of E3 enzymatic heart, Cdt1 and albumen Geminin to go up, got double lubricious fluorescent bougie thereby, will differentiate which one phase that vivid cell is in cellular cycle. Result discovery, the cell that conveys these bougie and turn the fluorescence that each nucleolus of gene small rat gives out red or green. Researcher calls these egg white fluorescent extensive element to change thing of cellular cycle mark (Fucci) . In addition, research group still uses delay time to become studied like the technology the cell is in epithelial - turn character the cellular cycle trends that happens in differentiation process changes, the result makes clear, the is used at cycle of resolution vivid cell time with new-style and fluorescent can better bougie and space change.
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