Japan: New technology makes cellular condition be clear at a glance
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Xinhua net Beijing on Feburary 26, 2008 electric United States " cell " the magazine published an article to say recently, development of institute of Japanese manage chemistry gives a new technology, can ground of be clear at a glance sees the cell is in proliferous condition or dormancy condition. This technology uses two kinds of protein that can give out red green fluorescence, it goes out with color resolution below the condition that can survive in cancer cell " mobile state " .

The genetic gene of these two kinds of fluorescent protein that researcher will discover from inside Okinawa county madrepore is embedded in human body cancer cell. Use cell of label of green fluorescence protein respectively " hyperplasia period " inside addition substance, with gules fluorescence protein marks " rest period " inside addition substance, will distinguish with this the proliferous level of different cell.

Report, this technology can help the mankind make clear cancer cell structure, identify fine malignant tumor and the curative effect that evaluate anticarcinogen agent.

The cell has hyperplasia period and rest period. The cell inside hyperplasia period is duplicate DNA, break up ceaselessly; And halt proliferation in the cell inside rest period. In the past, want to investigate a certain cell to be in why to plant level, need excises an organization and undertake coloring with medicines and chemical reagents, the condition that cannot survive in the cell issues instant observation.