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In suffer stimulate emissive loss (in the development process of STED) microscope, although durative progress is behaved very slow, but believe firmly the requirement that can satisfy the fluorescent microscope that has freeboard resolution to go up in methodology, and perhaps can give other into the profit that brings a few expect to be less than like mode.

Be in early 1994, stefan Hell put forward to suffer above all stimulate emissive loss (the concept of STED) microscope, after two years, this kind of microscope is shown before people. From thenceforth since, the research group of his leader is improved with respect to what undertook persistent to this one technology, as a result this one technology is in the near future produced main effect in a few wonderful biology discovery. Cast this one progress not to talk, method of this one experiment was not used extensively by the outside, because need when building STED microscope,its reason is adjustable type pulse laser, and the case that we still can recall to double photon microscope wants to face at that time: In inchoate phase, people is not the expenditure that whether can the ten benefit that cent understands to it is brought exceed it.

Hell and its work in the same placing have two papers to publish of late, it is to be published in " print of courtyard of American academy of sciences " , it is to be published in this period " natural - methodology " go up. These two papers introduced the development in STED microscope technology and the abidance that in using a process, obtain to make progress. Publish in " natural - methodology " the report that go up, first illuminate STED microscope can be used at fluorescent protein, this is to use STED microscope to realize vivid cell to become in resembling a process important one pace.

Publish in " print of courtyard of American academy of sciences " the progress that goes up to report place introduces that piece, have more important potential sense. The person such as Donnert reported one discovers amazedly- - when the clearance width between the conjugate illume pulse that uses STED place undertakes expanding, brought about lower light to send fade effect and taller fluorescence launch a phenomenon.

Light is sent fade effect always can observe in STED microscope, because this one technology used a kind of very high glow intensity, the 10-100 that is microscope of typical odd photon fluorescence about times, although coloring agent does not hope,can absorb this one wavelengh. 1% what although this one intensity is less than much photon to become,resemble arousing intensity, even one thousandth, STED microscope used the photon of similar measure in becoming the area of same visible light chart in resembling a technology and pulse with odd photon.
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