Nikon rolls out new fund general microscope platform
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Ni Kang company announced to roll out LV-UDM recently general microscope platform, this platform can satisfy the requirement of academic research and industrial domain. Turn new-styly tower condenser and dynamoelectric change lens to come back a design make LV-UDM is become distinctive muti_function microscope platform, below the situation that does not need to change hardware, it can be used at biology science and the applied research with scientific data.
"Platform of LV-UDM general microscope can offer complete solution for alternate market, industry of such as pharmacy and biology data industry, " vice president of Ni Kang company Mr Stan Schwartz says: "Because LV-UDM added the comparative skill of the ability of sample height and reflex, so this microscope platform suits industrial application particularly. In the meantime, it also is research and the ideal tool that develop application. It also is research and the ideal tool that develop application..
Human body function learns to consider a key that also is microscope design to nod. The hand of the person that declining ocular canal and automation allow to use need not leave baseplate to be able to control microscope. In addition, it is good that the convenience of the operation makes LV-UDM unusual with.
Camera of series of DS of this microscope use Ni Kang and NIS-Elements software can optimize his digital image is collected and image is handled, it is the person that use to create a many to be opposite the solution of one. In addition, automatic mode satisfies a number video, analysis, video all requirements that file to wait with the report.